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Directions to Nova Scotia

1451 Clarence Rd. (R.R.#1)
Bridgetown, NS  B0S 1C0
(902) 665-2090

By car:


From the Halifax Airport:

As you leave the airport follow the signs towards Halifax.
This will put you on the 102 Highway towards Halifax.
You do not want to go directly into Halifax.
Then follow the signs to 101 Highway. (You will be veering to the right).
Keeping following the signs to Hwy 101.
You will take exit 4B towards Windsor in order to get onto Hwy 101.
Stay on 101 for about 90 min.

Take Exit # 19 (Lawrencetown/Paradise/Clarence)
At the top of the ramp turn right.
You will come to a T intersection (this is Clarence Road
which runs along the base of the North Mountain)
turn left. Stay on Clarence Rd. about 6km.
The Ashrama address is 1451 Clarence Rd.
The farm house is on the right.
The Temple is on the left -- 1436 Clarence Rd.

From the U.S.:

follow Rt.95 North to Bangor, Maine
take the Exit for Rt.395 (at approximately mi.188 on the Maine tpk)
From Rt.395 take the first exit (~1 mi from Rt.95)
after crossing the river for Rt.9 East
follow Rt.9 (~90mi) to the Calais-ME, St.Stephen-NB border crossing.
follow signs for Rt.1 to St.John, which is 65 miles from St. Stephen.

take the last exit before the toll to downtown St.John
there is a sign for the ferry at the exit.
call 1-888-249-SAIL for schedule and car reservations
on the 3hr ferry to Digby.
You have to be there an hour ahead of departure.


Canada is Atlantic Standard Time, one hour ahead of NYC.
(i.e. 7am in Boston or New York is 8am in Eastern Canada.)

from the ferry follow traffic to the highway, Rt.101 East.
after you go under the highway
the entrance to 101 East will be on your left.

take the first exit for Bridgetown - Exit 21 (approx 40 mi from Digby)
follow signs to beautiful downtown Bridgetown - about 2 miles.
In downtown Bridgetown, the road becomes one-way against your direction
and you are forced to turn right.
after that right turn you take the first left,
go to the Stop sign (two short blocks), turn right,
then take your first left again (about 100 feet) onto Church Road.
follow this road 1 1/2 miles out of town to the bottom of North Mtn.
go right on Clarence Rd. about 1 1/2 miles.
the ashrama temple will be on the right of a curve in the road.
The ferry from St.John,NB takes 3 hours and you are supposed to be
at the terminal an hour ahead of time.
Taking the ferry gives you 3 1/2 hours of rest and saves you 5-6 hours of driving around the Bay of Fundy.

Driving around the bay now takes about 5 hours.

By Boat:

if you want to make reservations for the ferry :

from St.John, NB -


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