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Śrī Ramaṇa Chatvarimśat


Sri Kavyakantha Ganapati Muni

Please Note: the fonts used on some of these pages need to be installed on your system for you to see the transliteration and the Sanskrit properly. These fonts are available here or from the Omakarananda Ashrama.

You view the word-by-word translation by Dr. Anil Sharma taken from the following issues of 'The Maharshi' newsletter:

the above articles have been collated into a single pdf file.

These 40 verses are also available in Devanagari, english transliteration and
Sanskrit with word by word translation on

Lingeswar Rao and J.Jayaraman recite this poem on track 2 of the Sanskrit Hymns CD. You can find some samples and a few full track downloads on the samples page.

The original Kavyakantha Sri Ganapati Muni web site was on geocities but now resides on

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