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Ancient Texts

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book cover Advaita Bodha Deepika, The Lamp of Non-Dual Knowledge

"Originally Sri Shankaracharya and other great Sages had written several commentaries on the Vedanta Sutras. From these, Sri Karapatra Swami condensed the salient points into twelve chapters of Sanskrit verse. Those chapters were later translated into Tamil. This translation into English of the first eight chapters by Munagala Venkataramaiah (the recorder of "Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi") was thoroughly revised in the presence of the Maharshi.
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All Is One, Table of Contents All is One

This work, titled Ellam Ondre, was originally written by an unknown 19th Century author in Tamil. First translated into English in 1951, this carefully revised edition was one of the favorite small Advaitic Tamil texts often recommended by Sri Ramana Maharshi. Annamalai Swami has said that the Maharshi "laid particular stress on Ellam Ondre, telling me, 'If you want moksha, write, read and practise the instructions in Ellam Ondre.'"
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book cover Ashtavakra Gita

This book contains a Kannada transliteration and a lucid English translation by Swami Nityaswarupananda of the Ramakrishna Order and published by the Maharaja of Mysore. It was presented to the Maharshi in 1932. He then meticulously wrote with his own hand all the sanskrit verses above each Kannada verse. It is Ashtavakra's teachings to King Janaka. A beautifully printed facsimile reproduction from Sri Ramanasramam's archives.

Bhagavad Gita, book cover Bhagavad Gita

This is an English translation of the Bhagavad Gita by Arthur Osborne and G.V.Kulkarni. The contents of this book were first published serially in The Mountain Path (the quarterly journal from Sri Ramanasramam) from April 1965 to October 1969. They were later published in book form by the Ashram in June 1973. In this second edition, the Sanskrit text and an English transliteration have been included with the English translation.

Also included are two new appendices. The first is the Bhagavad Gita Saram, the 42 verses selected by Bhagavan which reveal the essence of the Gita. The second is a facsimile of the typed pages of Alan Chadwick's (Sadhu Arunachala) translation of the Gita Saram together with Sri Bhagavan's handwritten corrections.

Bhagavan would often quote verses from the Bhagavad Gita and comment on their meaning when speaking to devotees. For spiritual seekers the present English translation is a wonderful resource.

book cover The Essence of the Ribhu Gita

Translated by Professor N.R. Krishnamoorthi Aiyer. The esteemed translator, a retired physics professor, who is now in his mid-nineties, was encouraged by the Maharshi to study this text. The one hundred and twenty-one verses selected for this book are mostly those that the Maharshi made familiar to the devotees. They have been rendered into English with a trained accuracy and deep spiritual insight.

book cover Jewel Garland of Enquiry

This is an English translation of Vichara Mani Malai, which is a compilation by Sri Bhagavan of salient points from the Tamil version of Vichara Sagara. Vichara Sagara is a voluminous work originally written in Hindi by Sadhu Nischaldas.

book cover Kaivalya Navaneeta, The Cream of Emancipation

An English translation by Munagala Venkataramiah of this classical Tamil work on Advaita philosophy. The Maharshi regularly referred to this book and often requested devotees to study it.

book cover Periya Puranam,

The Periya Puraanam is the song describing the lives of sixty-three Saivite saints of the ancient Tamil land, sung by a poet-saint himself. In the source biography of Bhagavan, "Self-Realization, we read: "Towards the end of 1895 (perhaps a few months after hearing about Arunachalam from a relation) he found at home a copy of the Periya Puraanam and was awe struck by the life of these remarkable saints." Throughout his life he never tired of telling the stories that he first read as a boy in Madurai.

Ribhu Gita, The Sixth Amsa of Siva Rahasyam

The first complete Edition, with English Translation, Transliteration and original Sanskrit Text.

In the 50 chapters of the Ribhu Gita, the full spectrum of spiritual knowledge is imparted . this Gita describes the direct experience of the Self and its means of attainment. Though the Truth cannot be described in words, words can guide the ripe aspirant to the direct experience of Truth by the total absorption in the Self. That is the sole theme of this comprehensive scripture.

There is no greater testimony to the unique value of the Ribhu Gita than the fact that Bhagavan Ramana himself told one of his devotees: "It does not matter if you do not understand the text. Read through it anyhow. It will be of immense benefit to you." He also has said that the recitation of the Ribhu Gita is as good as samadhi itself, and he took part in reciting it with his devotees.

MP3 CD: Along with this book you will receive an 11-hour audio recording of all the Sanskrit verses, beautifully rendered by Dr. Lingeswara Rao.
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book cover Sivabhakta Vilasam    

Sri Bhagavan had scanned through the various versions of Peria Puranam in Sanskrit to delineate all those incidents connected with the Nayanmars (devotees of Siva) that are not found in the Tamil text. When he narrated these stories in his own inimitable style, the spellbound audience would be transported to the actual scenes of those events. These stories were little known then, yet they carry a profound significance by being closely related to his own birthplace and the course of his own spiritual journey.

book cover Sri Devikalottara

One of the Upa-agamas highly valued by the Maharshi, so much so that he spontaneously translated it into Tamil verse during his stay in the Virupaksha Cave. It contains Lord Shiva's instruction to Parvati, outlining the direct Advaita path to liberation. This edition contains the Maharshi's Tamil verses, original Sanskrit text with English transliteration and English translation.

book cover Srimad Bhagavata

Condensed by S.S. Cohen. Sri Ramana Maharshi often quoted from the teachings and stories found in this classic of Indian spiritual literature. The author skillfully weaves together the most pertinent stories that extol the highest teaching, providing sound guidance and inspiration to seekers of Truth.

Tripura Rahasya,
book cover The Mystery Beyond The Trinity

An English translation by Munagala Venkataramiah of this ancient Sanskrit work on Advaita philosophy. The Maharshi considered this to be one of the greatest works expounding the traditional teachings of Advaita and often quoted the verses which are full of divine nectar. This work will quench the thirst of any earnest seeker who repeatedly reflects on its meaning and attempts to apply the teaching.

book cover The Vedaparayana

Twice daily, in front of the Maharshi, the Vedas were recited. Since the Maharshi often spoke highly about the value of listening to these chants, it continues today at his tomb in Sri Ramanasramam. In this book we find the English translations of the various scriptures that are recited daily.

book cover Yoga Vasishta Sara

An English translation of two hundred and thirty verses from the Yoga Vasishta, broken up into ten chapters.

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