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Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, So.India

You can send a letter
by post to :
Sri V.S.Ramanan, President
Sri Ramanasramam P.O.
Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai
Tamil Nadu, South India   606 603
by email to :
contact V.S.Ramanan
or by fax to :
011-91 41752-237491

Book Orders

Sri Ramanasramam has opened an on-line shopping cart where you can order photographic prints, audio, videos and books on Sri Ramana Maharshi that are to be shipped within India.

Visiting Sri Ramanasramam

Prior to making flight reservations please read the Sri Ramanasramam
accommodations information.
You can send a request to Sri Ramanasramam for accommodation, providing the specific dates of your proposed visit.

The telephone number (011 from within the U.S.) is 91 4175-237292.

Please be sure to read Sri Ramanasramam's Accomodation information before booking your travel.

It is most convenient to fly to Chennai (formerly, Madras) and take a taxi from there to Tiruvannamalai, which is 130 miles away. Sri Ramanasramam can reserve a taxi for you and have it meet you at the airport upon arrival. This is the most trouble-free and efficient way to do it. The taxi driver will receive you at the airport, holding a sign with your name on it. Also, you may want to change foreign currency into Indian rupees while you are waiting for your luggage in the airport. The airport foreign exchange banks are probably the easiest place to exchange currency.

We always suggest to friends and inquirers that if they plan on making a monetary offering to the Ashrama they should do it on the day of their arrival. The Ashrama will not ask you for anything, but it is customary to offer something according to your means.

You need not bring many clothes, and what you bring should be summer wear only. A sweater may be required in the winter months (November to January). Other items of use include sandals, a flannel sheet, a water cup, some clothespins, umbrella, mosquito repellent (though all rooms have screens), a voltage converter for any 110/120V appliances (it is 220V there), a towel, your credit cards, traveler checks, a pad lock, and a flashlight with extra batteries. If you wish you can also take some small special food items that you are used to.

The food served at the Ashrama is vegetarian and nutritious. Less-spicy preparations are served to Westerners. Once there, you should check in your passport and valuables with the office where they will be deposited in the Ashrama safe. Consult with someone in the Ashrama office before undertaking any trips. Also, feel free to discuss with them anything that may be inconveniencing you. They will help you and provide sound advice and direction.

For those who aspire to deepen their spiritual experience and establish or fortify a personal link with the guiding presence of Sri Ramana Maharshi, a visit to Sri Ramanasramam is certainly worth the time and expense.

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